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                                        Can I Fix It Myself?
Well, maybe!  Do have any experience with soldering and unsoldering delicate electronic components?  Can you locate defective capacitors that are not puffed out at the top?
Many people get on the internet and try to find a way to repair their own television.  A common result is a circuit board damaged beyond any hope of economical repair. If the only problem with your television is a few puffed capacitors in the power supply itís quite possible you may be able to fix it yourself.  Use care and caution, be sure you have oriented the parts correctly and your set may come on and work properly when you are done.  I can not recommend that you try to replace any component other than puffed capacitors!
Application of the correct amount of heat for the correct amount of time is critical to a successful component repair!  The low cost soldering iron available at the discount radio store might not do the job.  The minimum recommended equipment is the Hakko 936 ESD safe soldering station .  Your power supply is a multi-layered board that can be easily damaged by the application of to much or to little heat when replacing parts, an electrostatic discharge (ESD) is likely to make it totally brain dead and unrepairable at any cost!  Small circuit traces are easily lifted from the board, parts are often installed with the wrong orientation, poor choices are made in choosing parts.  The chance that you will destroy your set and have to buy a new television is at least as great as the chance you will make a successful repair with no experience and low quality tools.  Read all of those posts! Many are bragging about how they repaired their own set, but an equal number are crying because they destroyed it. Why take a chance on ruining your television?  Bring it in to Tv Tech Electronics and have our skilled technicians examine your TV and give you a FREE ESTIMATE  or bring in your power supply for a FLAT RATE POWER SUPPLY REPAIR!

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