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If your plasma or LCD panel has spider web looking cracks or other physical damage it is not economical to repair it.  While we may be able to locate a replacement panel to fix it (most are not available at all) IN ALL CASES our cost to replace it is much more than your television sold for when new!  If you paid around 700.00 for your set, our cost for a panel is typically around 1200.00 - and that is BEFORE shipping and labor to install it.  Panels with physical damage are simply not economical for repair, don't waste your money by paying an upfront diagnostic fee to a shop that tells you they can fix it.  Any shop can fix it, but you can buy a new set for much less money.
If your LCD television has ghosting, double images, dark on one side with slow refresh rates and symptoms similar to those shown in the pictures above there is a good chance we can fix it.  You may find many Google sites and YouTube videos that show you how to 'fix' this problem by applying pressure to the COF ribbons at the top of the LCD panel.  That may work for a short time (or you may destroy the panel by trying to do it!) but in almost every case it will fail again in a month or two.  It is sad that those posters never report back that the problem returned in such a short time.  Tv Tech Electronics is part of a nationwide network of top technicians and through the combined efforts of that network we have developed a permanent repair for this problem.  We have not had a single case where we performed this repair and the set came back again with the same problem.  Sets smaller than 40 inches may not be repairable for this problem, but the larger sets often are.  No other shop in the Kansas City area can repair this problem without replacing the panel at a cost that makes the repair uneconomical, give us a call at 816-756-0668 if your television displays this symptom.