6871QCH038A & 6871QCH038C
Logic Board Repair
Board Repair & Return Service
Please call this number for questions on repair services.
Sanyo Power Cycling  Repair
60 Day Warranty On Repaired Sanyo Main Boards!
Sanyo Main Board Repair Service
Front LED Turns Green For 10 - 20 Seconds, Turns Off for 1 - 2 Seconds And Repeats Until Unplugged.
Board Repair & Return $60.00 With Free Return Shipping To The Continental United States!
This is a repair and return service, not a board for sale. Your defective board must be sent to us for repair. You will receive emailed shipping directions to send your defective board to us for repair as soon as payment is confirmed by Paypal. Your repaired board will ship back to you via Priority Mail within 2 working days of receipt at our shop in Kansas City, Missouri. If you ship to us by Priority Mail normal turn around time would be about 5 - 7 days before you have your repaired board back in hand.
This problem is normally caused by a defective flash rom IC and requires a preprogrammed flash rom and advanced soldering skills to replace. A GENERIC FLASH ROM WILL BE BLANK AND WILL NOT WORK. 
Symptom of no sound, no picture, when power button is pushed front LED turns green for 20 seconds, turns off for 1 - 2 seconds and repeats.
Click The Blue Text Below That Matches Your Set To Buy The Repair Service Or A Programmed Flash Rom.

DP37819 with chassis P37819-00 and tuner label N7CK
DP42849 with chassis P42849-00 and tuner label N7AE
DP42849 with chassis P42849-01 and tuner label N7AF
DP42849 with chassis P42849-02 and tuner label N7AJ
DP42849 with chassis P42849-04 and tuner label N7AH
DP42849 with chassis P42849-05 and tuner label N7AFE
DP46849 with chassis P46849-00 and tuner label N7EE
DP46849 with chassis P46849-02 and tuner label N7EG
DP46849 with chassis P46849-03 and tuner label N7EH
DP46819 with chassis P46819-00 and tuner label N7EJ
DP42840 with chassis P42840-02 and tuner label N7AFF
DP42840 with chassis P42840-03 and tuner label N7AHE
DP42840 with chassis P42840-04 and tuner label N7AJE
DP46840 with chassis P46840-01 and tuner label N7EEE
DP46840 with chassis P46840-02 and tuner label N7EGE
DP50719 with chassis P50719-00 and tuner label J4FJ
DP50749 with chassis P50749-00 and tuner label J4FE
DP50749 with chassis P50749-01 and tuner label J4FF
DP50749 with chassis P50749-02 and tuner label J4FH
Your television must match ALL of the criteria shown below even if you are just buying the programmed flash rom.  Both the model number and the chassis number are found on the back label, the main board part number is a 4 or 5 digit code found on the side of the tuner or on a white label on the board.
Check all of these numbers before you buy this service to be sure this repair will solve your problem.